5 Types of Summer Weather in Texas to Prepare For

Texas has almost every type of weather, as it spans more than 268,000 square miles across 10 climate zones. Summer brings about distinct weather patterns, including high temperatures that can cause drought-like conditions and unstable air masses that can lead to storms and hurricanes. Preparing for these weather patterns can save lives and protect your home from damage. 

Below are the five types of summer weather to be prepared for in Texas. If you are in need of storm damage cleanup or restoration, contact Texas Elite Restoration for prompt service and attention. 

1. Tornadoes and High Winds 

On average, Texas has around 132 tornadoes each year. Certain areas are struck more frequently than others. For instance, Harlingen TX is at a moderate risk for tornadoes. While they are not common, they do happen from time to time. And when they do, they can cause massive and widespread damage. 

Some of the best ways to protect your home from a tornado are: 

  • Trim your trees 
  • Tie down sheds, patio furniture, toys and grills
  • Check gutters and downspouts 
  • Reinforce garage doors and other weak spots
  • Install storm shutters and hail screens 

2. Hail Storms 

Hail season in Texas lasts from March until May. Storms with hail can break windows, dent vehicles and damage roofs. Since hail can happen suddenly, there’s not much you can do except move your vehicle indoors and stay away from windows. If your roof suffers damage, be sure to get it fixed immediately to prevent water leaks and mold growth. 

3. Thunderstorms 

Harlingen sees severe thunderstorms at times, which can bring strong winds, lightning and flash flooding. To protect your home from storms, follow the tips above in the tornado section. We also recommend having a safe spot to go in the home and preparing an emergency kit. If your home experiences damage, respond immediately to prevent flooding and mold growth. 

4. Hurricanes 

Texas is no stranger to hurricanes – it’s second to Florida in the number of hurricanes each year. From mid-summer to fall, the Texas Gulf Coast is at risk for heavy rains, powerful winds, tornadoes and storm surge. Storm cleanup and restoration companies are often very busy during this time due to hurricane-related damage. 

Here are the best ways to protect your home from hurricanes: 

  • Board up windows 
  • Secure loose roof shingles 
  • Strengthen soffits 
  • Seal openings, cracks and holes 
  • Cut weak branches and trees 

5. Droughts and Wildfires 

Drought threatens all of Texas because it’s hot and there may be long stretches without any rain. If a dry winter follows, the crops can dry up and die, raising the risk for wildfires. Fire soot and smoke can be very damaging to a home, so it’s important to prepare by keeping embers out of your eaves and vents, creating a defensible space around your home and choosing fire-resistant building materials. 

Texas Elite Restoration provides cleanup and restoration services for fire, water and mold. We respond quickly to secure the home and prevent further damage. Our team will then create a personalized strategy to clean and restore the property to its original condition. Schedule an appointment with our team to see how we can help you stay safe!