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Cars are an important part of our everyday lives.

Not only do they get us to and from places, but also many people use their cars to sleep, chat with friends and eat their lunches. Consider that the average American spends 18 days in their car per year! Certainly, you don’t want to be spending this time in a dirty, unkempt vehicle!

Whether it’s dirt and grime, crumbs and wrappers from food, stains from inclement weather or general wear and tear, the car cleaning and auto detailing services from Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning can help! We will fully clean and protect your car all in one visit. All you have to do is schedule an appointment – our mobile detailing services come to YOU!

Is it Really Worth Getting Your Car Cleaned and Detailed?

Some people assume that getting a car professionally detailed is a luxury. But it’s actually a practical investment that can help protect your vehicle from the elements and maintain its value. Plus, it feels great to drive around a car that is clean and comfortable, especially if you carpool or use your vehicle for ridesharing.

Here are some reasons why getting a professional detailing is worth it:

Protect the Exterior

The exterior of your car takes on the elements daily. Over time, UV rays, dust, dirt and moisture can cause the protective barrier on your car to fade and crack. When this happens, it allows the elements to seep into places where they don’t belong, causing rust and damage. Since Texas sees all types of weather, it’s important that your car’s exterior is cleaned and protected with the proper sealant.

Keep the Interior Clean

Were you aware that the inside of your car has more germs than the average toilet seat? Many people are not! But now that you know, the best way to cut down on germs is by having your car professionally cleaned and detailed. These services go far beyond a simple wipe-down and include:

  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets
  • Spot-treat carpets and floor mats
  • Wash and treat cloth, leather or vinyl seats
  • Wipe down windshield and other glass surfaces
  • Clean dash and other sensitive surfaces
  • Clean door, hood and trunk jambs
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Higher Resale Value

Your car goes down in value every year that you own it. Fortunately, proper maintenance goes a long way in getting more money at the time of trade-in. While routine car washes and vacuuming are important, you’ll need more than this from time to time. Detailing is a great way to ensure your vehicle remains as valuable as possible. Dealerships will offer more on vehicles that have clean interiors and polished exteriors because it’s less work for them.

What’s Included in an Auto Detailing Package?

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning is proud to offer three different packages for our customers. All services are offered on a mobile basis, meaning that we come to your home. It’s the most convenient option for our clients – and it makes a fantastic gift!

Express Package

For just $79.99, our budget-friendly Express Package includes a full wash and dry using soft cloths. This package also includes a thorough cleaning of all glass, windows, rims and tires.

Classic Package

Our Classic Package is a step up and costs $159.99. In addition to what’s included in the Express Package, it also offers a clay bar treatment, door jambs cleaning and long-lasting protection with H20 Guard & Gloss.

Signature Package

For the ultimate treatment, our Signature Package includes everything listed above, as well as a ceramic detail spray, black trim restoration and steam cleaning. Your car will look beautiful inside and out!

Are You Ready to Get Your Car Cleaned and Detailed? Book Your Mobile Appointment Today!

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning hopes that you take advantage of one of our cost-friendly auto detailing packages. You don’t have to do anything but schedule the appointment since we come to you!

Timely and regular detailing will keep your vehicle’s interior and exterior protected and looking great. Our detailing experts use high quality cleaning products and materials, including soft cloths, microfiber towels and name-brand sealants. To schedule an appointment for our mobile car wash and detailing services, contact our auto detailing team today!

Car Wash Pricing Details




Express $79.99 | Classic $159.99 | Signature $179.99