Contents Cleaning

When disaster strikes, it’s easy to believe that everything you love dearly is gone.

Seeing your photo albums under water or your grandmother’s antique table under a tree can be devastating. But you’d be surprised to see how many items can be salvaged when you choose the right team to respond quickly and efficiently.

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning has a fast emergency response team that is always ready to respond to disasters like floods, tropical storms, hurricanes, fires, mold and fallen trees. We will conduct a thorough assessment, letting us know the extensiveness of the damage and what needs to be done to fix it.

Our contents cleaning services will take your salvageable items and thoroughly clean and deodorize them. We will remove all contaminants and ensure that your special items are cared for in the best way possible. To get a free estimate on contents cleaning services, contact Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning today.

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Contents Cleaning - Let Us Clean and Deodorize Items Big and Small!

 Most people who use our contents cleaning services start with our pack-out services. With these services, our team will come to your home and remove all salvageable items. We then go through the boxes one by one and clean everything. We use different cleaning methods depending on the type of item it is. For example, some items can go in the washing machine while others need to be hand washed.

To speed up the process, our team uses automated machines like ultrasonics to remove smoke odors from hard items. Soft contents are cleaned in a different machine using environmentally friendly products. Once everything is clean, we deodorize all items and possibly put them through a thermal fogging treatment.

When everything is clean and dry, we pack the items back up and store them for you until you’re ready to receive them. 

Our contents cleaning services are available for:

  • Electronics, such as computers, printers, TVs and appliances
  • Furniture, including small and large pieces like desks, dressers and bed frames
  • Household items like dishes, cookware, lamps and more
  • Cherished items, such as family photos, photo albums, books, vases and collections

Our 6-Step Process Cleans and Deodorizes It All!

Our contents cleaning process involves six steps. By following each step, we can ensure the highest quality results. We know how stressful it is to deal with catastrophes, but we are here to preserve your items and make sure that things will be okay!

Here is the six step process that we follow:

1. Inventory

Our team will come to your home or business and take inventory of the items that can be saved and can’t be saved.

2. Pack-out

Our pack-out services consist of packing up salvage and unsalvageable items. Salvageable items are brought to our cleaning facility. Unsalvageable items may be stored so that the insurance company can verify them.

3. Cleaning

Now for the fun part – the cleaning process! We open the boxes and clean your belongings according to the best method. For example, electronics are disassembled and cleaned meticulously.

4. Deodorization

We deodorize certain items to remove unpleasant odors like smoke or mildew.

5. Storage

Once the items are cleaned and deodorized, we keep them in a climate-controlled storage facility until you are ready for them.

6. Delivery

Lastly, we deliver your items to you when you’re ready. They will be clean and ready to enjoy!

We will guide you through this process and ensure that your favorite items are saved, cleaned and preserved.