Structural Drying Harlingen TX

Excess water and moisture can cause damage to your property in just minutes.

It’s hard to believe that something so essential to human survival can cause such a big problem to a home or business, but it can. That’s why Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning is always standing by to make sure that we’re able to respond to our customers’ calls when they need us.

Whether you’re dealing with a flooded room, an overflowing toilet or a burst pipe, it’s important to act quickly. It’s always smart and proactive to turn off the source of the water and start cleaning up as much water as you can using buckets, mops and shock vacs. However, it’s very difficult to dry out the area thoroughly and completely on your own. In many cases, you will need professional structure drying services.

What is Structural Drying?

Structural drying is the process of removing excess water and moisture to prevent damage. This ensures that all water and moisture is removed from your walls, floors and other structures. The purpose of structural drying goes beyond drying out your home or business – it also eliminates the risk of mold infestation or structural damage.

To accomplish structural drying, our team uses extractors, dehumidifiers and dryers. We also sanitize every area to ensure that no harmful contaminants are left behind. When our structural drying team is done with your property, it will look great and smell wonderful! You don’t have to let water damage ruin your home or business.

Structural Drying Harlingen TX

Is Structural Drying Really Necessary?

If your home suffers a major flood, hiring professionals to come in, remove the water and clean the space is understandable. But do you really need structure drying for a leaky sink or overflowing toilet? It’s possible. Unfortunately, it can be hard to see water damage, and you won’t know it’s there until it’s too late. In the meantime, excess water could be damaging your walls, floors and other structures, setting the stage for mold growth and structural damage.

When you schedule an inspection with Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning, we’ll start with a full inspection. If we don’t see any damage, we’ll let you know and you’ll have the peace of mind that your property is safe. But if we do find that you need structural drying, we can complete the process and keep you and your family (or customers and employees) safe!

Here are the reasons why structural drying is necessary in many cases:

You Get a Team of Professionals

Our structural drying Harlingen, TX team knows how to dry structures safely and effectively. We also know how to identify the different types of water damage and the best methods to clean it.

You Get to Save Money

Our Harlingen Structural Drying team has the proper tools to dry your floors, walls, ceilings and other areas. We can save your property, and your insurance company will be happy that you have the proper documentation.

Enjoy Full Restoration Services

We’ll get your home or business looking like new again with our restoration services. We can install new floors, walls and more.

Best Cleaning and Sanitization Methods

Our crews use the best cleaning methods and products. We’ll also test to make sure that all moisture has been removed so there’s no chance for mold growth.

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning will keep your property safe from structural damage and mold.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and find out if your home or business can benefit from structure drying in south Texas.