Pack In/Pack Out Services

The Rio Grande Valley is known to be a flooding zone, and it can be directly impacted by hurricane season, which lasts from June through November.

It never hurts to be proactive, as hurricanes and tropical storms can happen quickly. While you might have a plan for your family and pets, what about the belongings and possessions in your home? What will happen if they’re damaged?

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning offers pack-out and restoration services. We can remove your important possessions from the area they’re in and return them safely when your property is restored. Our team will treat your belongings as if they were their own. They will pack them safely and securely and ensure that nothing happens to them during this process.

Advantages of Pack-Out Services

When your property is faced with structural damage from a flood, fire or mold, it’s important that you protect what’s in your home or business. The first step is to remove important possessions from your space so that they can be kept safe while cleanup and restoration is going on.

Some of your items can stay in the home or business while we’re performing the cleanup and restoration process, such as large furniture or appliances. But other items like valuable collections and photographs should be removed and packed away in a safe space. That’s what the pack-out service experts from Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning are here for!

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Here are the advantages to choosing a pack-out service like ours:

Separate Items

Our team will separate items based on them being salvageable or unsalvageable. Having a team of professionals handle this for you is smart, as they’re able to make decisions easier and are familiar with the latest restoration methods.

Take Inventory

Another benefit is that our team will keep a detailed inventory of what can be saved and what can’t. This way, you know where everything is going and you have clear documentation to send to your insurance company.

Offsite Storage

Items that can’t be salvaged are often stored so they can be inspected by the insurance company. Items that can be salvaged will be sent to an offsite storage location and stay there until you are ready to receive them. We will then have them delivered to you.

As you can see, hiring Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning to handle your pack-out and restoration needs offers many benefits. You can put your time and attention into other things, while we focus on salvaging the items we can.

Our Process for Pack-Out Services

We know that it can be hard to let someone else go through your personal belongings, but rest assured that our team is extremely thorough, detailed and passionate about what they do. With our pack-out services, our team will:

  • Pack and transport all of your belongs to a climate-controlled storage facility
  • Create an inventory of your belongings
  • Restore, clean and deodorize items
  • Track and document all contents
  • Provide easy access to your items when you need them
  • Deliver items to your home or business when restoration is complete

To schedule pack-out services from Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning, contact our team today. We can take care of all of your needs under one roof, allowing you to work with one company that you can trust.