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How to Decide if Your Carpet Needs a Repair or Replacement

While repairing your carpet is inevitable after years of wear and tear, you may be able to prolong its life with a carpet repair. A carpet repair can address problem areas by fixing lumps and tears. It can also help you get more life out of your investment. After all, replacing carpet is expensive and requires you to move around the furniture and possibly even take time off work! 

Let’s look at some of the things that a carpet repair in Harlingen TX can help with, and when to choose this route over a full replacement. 

What Problems Can a Carpet Repair Fix? 

Obviously, if there is widespread damage to your carpet, or it’s looking visibly worn, then you’ll want to do a full replacement. There’s no reason to fix a small section when the rest of the carpet is in poor condition. But if there are certain problem areas that need to be addressed, a repair can extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Here are some issues that a carpet repair can address – it will look like nothing ever happened! 

  • Burn patches and marks. In most cases, a professional cutter can take out a small section of carpet and replace it with a new piece. To ensure it matches, we’ll try to take it from a less noticeable area. 
  • Stubborn stains. Some stains won’t come out of the carpet, but they can be unsightly. Rather than replacing your carpet, a carpet repair company can cut out a patch with the stain and replace it with an identical patch.
  • Bumps and folds. It’s not uncommon to have some bulges in your carpet over time. A simple restretching will make your carpet flat again – and it’s much faster and gentler on your wallet than a replacement.  

When is it Time to Replace Your Carpet? 

Sometimes, the better option is to replace the entire carpet. Even though this is a more expensive and labor intensive project, it will give you the results you’re looking for. We typically recommend a full replacement when you’re no longer happy with your flooring and try to cover it by moving around furniture or using area rugs. 

We also recommend replacing your carpet when the padding is worn out. Even though your carpet may look fine, not having a firm padding will make it uncomfortable to walk on. 

Schedule Your Carpet Repair in Harlingen TX Today! 

If you’re tired of looking at burn marks, stains or other areas of concern, a simple carpet repair will get your carpet looking like new again! While this isn’t a solution for all problems, it does work well for spot repairs when the rest of your carpet and padding are in good condition. Plus, carpet repairs are fast and economical. To schedule an estimate for carpet repair, contact Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning today.