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The Most Common Types of Storm Damage and How to Identify Them

When severe storms and weather roll in, you need to step up and protect your home or business. It doesn’t take much for storms to cause major damage to properties. Winds that are 50+ miles per hour are classified as “damaging,” but even at speeds lower than this, shingles can still blow off roofs and unsecured objects can become projectiles. 

Let’s explore the most common types of storm damage and how to identify each one.

Wind Damage 

Wind is one of the most common causes of storm damage. Storm winds can cause trees to fall, power lines to snap and roofs to be torn off homes and buildings. Depending on the severity of the wind, it can also cause damage to windows, doors and other parts of your exterior. 

After a storm, walk around the perimeter of your property and take note of fallen trees, loose or missing shingles and damaged soffit or fascia. You’ll need to address these issues, otherwise they can lead to water leaks in the home. 

Hail Damage 

Another common source of storm damage is hail. Hail storms can cause dents and cracks in roofs, siding and windows, and can even cause damage to vehicles and outdoor equipment. When you walk around your property, look for damage to your gutters, downspouts, siding and roof. 

A local roofing company can help out with your roof, gutters and downspouts, but if you get water in your home, you’ll need help from a storm damage restoration company. These companies are equipped to secure properties, extract water, dry out contents and provide restoration services. 


Flooding is a significant risk during storms, especially if your property has poor drainage or low-lying areas. Flood damage can be catastrophic, and all it takes is a few minutes for water to absorb into porous materials. And, if water sits for over a week, it can cause serious structural damage that can ruin your home. 

Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning provides water extraction services, structural drying services and water restoration services. You can get all of your needs taken care of under one roof. We recommend calling us out for an inspection even if you don’t notice any damage at first. A small amount of water can lead to major problems, so it’s best to get things looked at after a major storm. 

Hurricane Damage 

Harlingen TX is a high risk hurricane zone, and we’re no stranger to tornadoes either. The destructive power of storm surge and large waves can result in many problems, such as destroyed properties, damaged roads and bridges and erosion. 

If your property is affected by a hurricane, schedule a professional inspection right away. Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning provides hurricane cleanup and restoration services. We will provide you with an inspection and plan of action depending on the damage we find. 

Furthermore, you can count on us for all the services you need to restore your property – storm damage repair, water damage repair, mold remediation, contents cleaning and more. 

Be Vigilant! Protect Your Property from Storm Damage 

Storms can cause significant damage in many different ways. Since Harlingen TX is located just 30 miles from the coast, it’s important to be vigilant. Understanding the most common types of storm damage can help you prepare for and minimize the impact of storms. 

By taking the proper steps to prepare for storms and responding quickly, you can keep your property, your belongings and your loved ones safe! To schedule a free estimate, contact Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning today.