post-construction cleaning

Is Post-Construction Cleaning Really Necessary?

When you hire a construction company to do work in your home or business, they are required to clean up after themselves. But this only involves tidying up the space and picking up loose debris. They are not responsible for actually cleaning the space or removing dust. This means that you could be breathing in dirt, debris and other common pollutants that can compromise your health. 

The best way to ensure a thorough clean is by hiring a post-construction cleaning company. Texas Elite Restoration offers professional home and business construction cleaning services for projects of all sizes. Our cleaning crews will make sure that no stone is left unturned! From scrubbing floors, to washing walls, to cleaning vents, we can handle it all! 

Below are the reasons why hiring a post-construction cleaning service in Harlingen TX is really worth it! 

Improve Your Health and Safety 

Construction areas can be dangerous. There are nails and screws on the floor, as well as leftover materials like paint and chemicals. Construction crews do a quick job of cleaning up, so they’re not going to spend too much time here. But it’s what you don’t see that could be the biggest problem. 

Newly finished sites tend to have an excess of dust which can lead to respiratory complications if not handled properly. The risks are even greater for those with allergies or asthma. Furthermore, any chemicals used may also be lingering in the air. To ensure the air in your home or business is safe to breathe, it’s always best to hire a post-construction cleaning service. 

Enjoy Time Savings and Convenience 

Once your project is complete, you still have a lot of work to do to get the space ready. And surely, you want to focus on that and not cleaning! However, if you handle all of the post-cleaning on your own, you could spend hours or days washing walls, scrubbing floors, wiping down fixtures, etc. 

When you hire post-construction cleaning services, an experienced crew will arrive at your home or work to handle this for you. They have the necessary tools to complete the job quickly and efficiently. This way, you’ll know that everything is being cleaned thoroughly and you won’t be breathing in dust for months. In the meantime, you can use your time to furnish your space and get back to a routine. 

Enhance the Appearance of Your Space

Because professional cleaning crews have the right tools and experience, you can count on them to clean your space without causing any damage. They know how to remove dirt, dust and debris using the correct cleaning products and materials. If you’re not careful, some cleaning methods and materials can actually damage your surfaces. 

Your post-construction cleaning crew also won’t miss any areas – they know just where the dust settles! You can count on them to clean the tops of fan blades all the way down to your baseboards. And, they will dispose of materials safely and effectively. 

To book our post-construction cleaning services for your home or business, contact Texas Elite Restoration today! We have fast service and affordable rates!