auto detailing

Why Professional Auto Detailing Services are Essential

Car detailing might sound like a luxury service, but it’s actually a practical and economical way to care for your vehicle and protect it from the outside elements. When you consider that the average new car costs around $50,000, and the average used car costs around $35,000, it only makes sense to protect your investment. 

Putting money into car detailing every so often makes your vehicle safer, cleaner and more enjoyable to drive. Below are the reasons why you should be getting your car detailed roughly every four to six months. 

Higher Resale Value 

If you plan on selling your car as a trade-in one day, it’s definitely worth having your car detailed. Doing so can boost the resale value of your car by up to 15 percent! 

Having your car detailed on the interior and exterior will bring you the greatest value. The vehicle will be clean and well-cared for, and the dealership won’t have to put the work into it. Plus, auto detailing can touch up paint and remove scratches. 

Spending $200 on car detailing services and making $600 more when you sell is a no brainer. 

Protect Your Vehicle’s Clear Coat 

The purpose of detailing a car’s exterior is to remove minor imperfections and protect the finish from the elements. It also protects your car’s clear coat and paint job. You rely on your clear coat to protect your vehicle from UV rays, oxidation, harmful contaminants and more. 

However, if the clear coat isn’t in good condition, it can’t do its job. Over time, it can rust from exposure to dirt, salt and other contaminants. Having your car detailed will preserve the clear coat, thus protecting it from dirt, rocks, acid rain, road salt, pollen and other contaminants. 

Eliminate Germs and Odors 

Cars tend to develop odors over time because of the dirt, grime, crumbs, debris, etc. that build up. After all, most of us are guilty of eating fast food or spilling drinks in our cars from time to time! However, if you don’t clean it up, your car can develop mold and/or attract insects and bugs. 

An interior car detailing will thoroughly clean your vehicle and remove foul odors, germs and bacteria. You get that priceless new-car smell back without having to buy a new car! 

Make a Great Impression 

If you have a work vehicle, keeping it cleaned and maintained is crucial. Clients and customers associate this with having a professional image. If your car is dirty and unkempt, it’s harder for people to trust your brand. With regular cleanings and detailings, you can uphold your professional image and make a great first impression on new and prospective customers. 

Fast, Easy and Convenient

These days, getting your car detailed is easier and more convenient than ever. Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning offers mobile auto detailing services that come to your home and do everything on-site! This way, you don’t have to waste any time driving to and from our facility or waiting for the cleaning to be done. We have three different packages to choose from starting at just $79.99! 

Car detailing is not a luxury service – it’s a practical service that benefits all vehicles! To schedule mobile auto detailing, book an appointment with Texas Elite Restoration and Cleaning today.