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Top 7 Surprising Things You Can Power Wash Around Your Home

Power washing is a versatile cleaning method that can breathe new life into a variety of surfaces around your home. Beyond the usual suspects like driveways and sidewalks, the power of a pressure washer can be applied to a range of surprising areas. 

Let’s explore the diverse things you can power wash, bringing a fresh and revitalized look to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

1. Exterior Walls and Siding

Pressure washing is an effective way to clean the exterior walls and siding of your home. Whether your siding is made of vinyl, wood or another material, a gentle yet powerful spray can remove dirt, mildew and stains, restoring the original luster. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to hire a professional. It is possible to blow a hole in the siding or rot the wood between the home and siding. 

2. Fences and Gates

Wooden, vinyl or metal fences and gates can accumulate dirt, algae and grime over time. Power washing these surfaces not only improves their appearance but also helps extend their lifespan by preventing rot or corrosion. Just be sure to choose a detergent that is safe for your fence’s material. 

3. Outdoor Furniture

Patio sets, deck chairs and other outdoor furniture can benefit from a good power washing. You can quickly and efficiently remove pollen, bird droppings and accumulated dust to give your outdoor seating a fresh and inviting look. It is possible to accidentally damage your patio furniture with power washing, so avoid using it on finished or painted wood. But, if you want to refinish your furniture, a power washer will remove most of the original paint

4. Decks and Patios

Wooden decks and concrete patios are susceptible to the elements, leading to the growth of algae, mold and mildew. Power washing not only cleans these surfaces but also helps prevent slips and falls by eliminating slippery substances. Patios are typically durable and can withstand the pressure from a power washer, but you will have to be careful with wooden decks. Also be sure to choose an approved cleaner. 

5. Garage Floors 

Over time, garage doors can accumulate dirt, dust and stains. While it may seem like power washing would be a good cleaning method, it can actually damage the door’s finish. If you want to clean your garage door, we recommend using a manual method or calling a professional power washing company. However, you can safely use a power washer to clean your garage floors. 

6. Gutters and Downspouts

Ensure your gutters are free from debris and blockages by power washing them. This helps prevent water damage to your home’s foundation and keeps your gutters functioning properly. It’s also important to clean your gutters by hand first so that you do not cause blockages by power washing the debris into the downspout all at once. You’ll also want to use a low setting. 

7. Concrete Steps, Stairs and Statues 

Outdoor concrete steps and stairs can become discolored and stained over time. A power washer can remove these blemishes, making your entrance look more welcoming. You can also power wash concrete statues and garden ornaments, as this will remove dirt and algae that have accumulated over time. 

Schedule Professional Power Washing in Harlingen TX

As you can see, power washing is a versatile and effective solution for cleaning various items around your home. However, power washing is not as easy as spraying down these items and letting them dry. Careful consideration must be taken to ensure the right cleaning solution and pressure are being used. If they are not, you could damage the finishes on these items. 

To schedule a professional power washing, contact Texas Elite Restoration. We offer residential and commercial power washing services, and we ensure a safe and thorough cleaning of your items. Our technicians are well-trained and always consider the appropriate pressure and technique.